Wednesday, May 23, 2012


photo of the next American Idol from here

Dear Phillip:

I really WANT you to be the next American Idol (sorry Jess!) I liked you best from the start.  Eyes, smile, voice, humility. And your facial expressions...well, yes, sometimes you looked a bit awkward, but they convey your passion and process, and I quite like the way you get into it. And, being a bit of a junker, I love that you're a working man in a pawn store.

Last night, though Phillip, you gave me a scare. It began when you walked out on stage in your white undershirt tee. I thought you were contemplating dressing up a bit for the finale. I usually like the jeans and t-shirt look, but your loose white one looked a bit frumpy and I read into it as "I'm not in the race. I don't care enough to even put on a nice shirt." That classic white tee just doesn't work at the evening finale of a huge national televised competition. Next time try gray -- it's still very casual, but has some depth.

Then you sang "Stand by Me"... and it was totally underwhelming especially after Jessica+Whitney= lots of emotion. It was painful to watch. I was cringing. I am so NOT a musician, but I actually think you tinkered with the melody too much, and the song felt burdened and uninspired. Jessica triumphed in that first round.

Then came your Billy Joel song, which was noticeably more engaging, especially after the initial 20 seconds which also felt a tad down. I was muttering, "Step it up P-squared." On a finale show, I want to be excited and roused. I want to smile big and clap for you. Just like Randy, I felt Round 2 was a tie. I predicted it'd be just that.

"Home" was your glory. PHEW! And you let everyone bask in it and feel great again. Everything about the production was stellar. The melody coupled with the pitch of your voice was uplifting and promising. And you wore navy blue which suits you very well. You looked and performed like you finally showed up to win

Good luck Phillip Phillips. Please wear something nice tonight. Consider a button down that isn't white. I want you to win, and celebrate with your family, and then I want you to go and take care of yourself

P.S. Why weren't you in the Ford commercials? Was it health or principle? I've been wondering.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kids Draw the Insides of their Homes

I am not sure what the exact assignment was, but I found these wonderful drawings outside of Ms. Trotter's 2nd grade classroom. She may have instructed the kids to show areas of their homes where electricity was used. I am not sure and I don't really care, because I just XOXO their crude perspective and sense of color.

the orange ceiling fan is kind of neat!