Monday, March 2, 2015

XOXO: My Yearly Date with Angels

Top: Selfie with some of the Angels - Jody Battaglia, Letty Worley Brooks, Laurie Meseroll, Jocelyn O'Gorman, Sophia Brake -- after our annual lineup. Bottom: Life is good, especially when there is faux bois.
Never a dull moment with Jen.
Lucky me. Once a year I hang out and spend the night with Jen O'Connor and some of her stellar Earth Angels in Sanford, FL at the colorful Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery. For 9 years, Jen and her troupe have come South for a two day trunk show filled with paintings, a menagerie of handmade animals and quirky dolls, jewelry and miscellaneous decor. I arrive in plenty of time for the Friday art stroll and open house and leisurely make my way back home Saturday afternoon. I XOXO this tradition.
Nicole Bowen's totally fantastic plush felines. Rawr-lite.
Nancy Wiley's portraits (right) with a Theresa Disney painting in the back. "Clara", with the black bob, stole my heart.
Sophia wearing a Jocelyn O'Gorman apron.
One of Letty Worley's mohair kitties.
Jody Battaglia, artist and author of Funtown says, "You should never be skimpy when it comes to cherries."
And there were other fruits besides cherries to take home.
Collaboration: Laurie Meseroll "mezzes"with my blocks. is open 24/7 for browsing and buying PLUS the Angels often take their show on the road. Next stop, Nashville. You too can be a p/t groupie like me.

The Theresa Disney room at JT Folk Art
Jen Lindquist's studio space.
Jeanine Taylor Folk Art in Sanford, FL is an incredible gallery for original folk art from artists such as Theresa Disney, Mary Proctor, Ab the Flagman and Jen Lindquist.