Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beaded Love: Blessings in Disguise

Beaded beauties: Blessings in Disguise by Melissa Rovner
I XOXO my new beaded bracelets from Blessings in Disguise. I put them on the morning of my big trip (aka "Fall 50 Tour") and have worn them everyday since. I love each of the colors individually and I love them together as a group. I love the mix of silver and gold charms and the way they dangle and make a delightful sound when my arm is in motion. This stack of beaded bracelets in gray-brown mineral tones goes with every single outfit and color of nail polish, and it could easily be the color inspiration for decorating a room.

While visually, they are perfection, I have discovered that this jewelry is very engaging too. Its beauty is contagious, and the meaning, curious. When I went to a party last week, I met several amazing women, and I believe that the jewelry was the ice breaker. Let me explain.

The party was at Calico where Thom Filicia was celebrating his fabric collection. Certain my brown and white bandana print blouse would be an eye-catcher among fabric people...au contraire -- it was my bejeweled wrist that got all the attention. Theresa, a regional sales manager, was the first admirer. She touched my wrist and gushed "Don't you just love power beads?" The moment her hand was on my wrist, I felt a surge of energy go through me. It was the kind that makes you tingle and then go completely limp and into a trance-like calm. Power beads, indeed!

Melissa Rovner is the creative force behind Blessings in Disguise. These are the 10 bracelets (above) she wears everyday. They are a mix of pyrite, sandstone, & fossil agate. Melissa says, "For me, their importance comes less from the neutrality of the stones, and more from the specific things that adorn them. These antique medals & vintage charms were gifted to me along my journey and each has its own special story. They're a daily reminder of where I've been & to trust where I am going."

Melissa is on a fierce trunk show circuit this fall. I will catch up with her in Miami on October 24-25 at Kakar House of Design.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Paper Trail

I XOXO when visual merchandisers use paper in creative ways.
saw these 3 examples as I shopped at the King of Prussia Mall.

Bloomingdales used kraft sheets to simulate a shingled roof.

West Elm used photocopied wood grain to simulate large thick birch logs.

Arhaus featured pinned book pages on the wall in a window vignette.