Monday, April 25, 2011

Possibility of Paper

i am a self-confessed hoarder of blank books
 I have a sick amount of unused journals and notebooks.* Paper is my weakness...well, one of my biggest. I give blank books as gifts, but obviously not faster than I collect them. I'm no therapist, but I have an inkling that this  love stems from a desire for order and clarity.

one night i just felt like doodling some men's stuff i found in a vintage travel mag
Each pad, no matter size or design, has the potential to be a special organized spot for the busy bits of my life, sketches, and hopeful bursts of literary genius. The different covers remind me of each one's purpose.

My fave blank book makers: ecojot, carrot & stick press, and Chronicle Books.
Good places for cheap blank books: Target, Wal-Mart, HomeGoods and bookshops and art stores in other countries.

* just for the record I also have a whole bunch of blank books that are no longer blank.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Into Butch

Gosh, how I love people who see opportunity in the humblest of things and who create something new from old. Artist and visionary Butch Anthony does this.

The "Rest Your Bones" chair made me chuckle out loud.
I didn't know about Butch till last month when I drove up to Sanford, FL and walked into Jeanine Taylor Folk Art. My friend Jen O'Connor, art seller and cultivator, grabbed my arm and guided me to a center room. She was so excited. I was certain she was going to finally let me taste the Beard Papa cream puffs she had been raving about. But no..........that would come later.

i am captivated by the simplicity of his wit.
Instead, at that moment, I discoverd Butch Anthony.
Jen  asked "Don't you love him?" 
"Oh my gosh, yes!" I obviously replied.

underneath our composed exteriors we all look like this
 I love the x-ray series for its blend of vintage imagery and fluid line work.

a one room guest house the Butch built when he was 14
I was reading Butch's bio and saw that the New York Times featured his home. I rushed to click on it. He built it with his own hands and furnished it largely with salvaged materials. Since I was little, I wanted to marry a guy who could build me anything I desired. So far, this hasn't happened, yet miraculously, I am doing just fine.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Signs of Spring in Bucks County, PA

I love 
that no matter how severe the winter, 
spring asserts herself with happy daffodils.

P.S. I scouted this house many Aprils ago and recently heard from the owner. I asked him how the daffodils were. He said he was knee deep in them, and he sent this photo.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Odd Duck (continued)

So there I was at the Odd Duck Bazaar, in the land of WANT... marveling at handmade creations that can brighten up a home -- for a desk, wall, sink, bed, kitchen --wherever.
sticker bought at Le Flow Design
The first thing I bought was a Marilyn sticker to tart up a plain thrift shop journal that I decided to make into my new work diary ...which I intend to write in everyday!

Then I found this happy owl, painted on a piece of wood, by Rachel DeJohn at Peace Owls and Other Lovely Things. My friend Debbie bought it for me. XOXO her!
Rachel is on the right, and her sister Jessica is on the left (duh!). They are both beautiful artists.
Jessica calls her biz Chloe The Hot Dog & Friends. She made this LOVE-ly little dish which was about $10 give or take a few bucks.
Love these deerly! Bambi-licious wall decor (about $45 and up) from Sara Leigh (sounds like the cake) of Stitch of Whimsy.
Super sweet Goodnight Moon pillow from Shelley Mitchell ($70).

Katrina Cristobal and her grandmother Olga shared a booth. Each woman displayed her own brand of kitsch.
Chuckie's in love with Olga's doll plates, made with vintage Japanese doll faces, Hong Kong baskets, and an array of vintage embellishments.
Katrina's woody signs ($20) and plated wall art ($24 - see what she's holding two pictures before) are part of  her Home ECOnomics collection.
From Belle Adore Boutique
And I could not resist this $5 musical instrument for one of my bestie's little boys. I think Cooper Tantau needs this in his life.

                                   XOXO, jane


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Odd Duck

I ventured to the land of WANT today...
seen at C.A.B. Fayre
to Odd Duck Bazaar in Davie at the historic Old School and witnessed fabulous craft. There were things for body, home, and garden, I lusted mostly for articles of personal adornment such as jewelry and handbags. Here are a few of highlights.

from Danny Brito
My splurge. A hand-painted vintage purse by Danny Brito. ($40). I actually needed a ladylike tailored purse rather than an everyday schlepping tote. It was love at first site. I am typically not a bow person, but the black-on-black is so subtle that I think it'll work out just fine. I felt so modern when I paid via a cell phone swipe.

from Andrea Cammarata Glass Art

A is for Apple. B is for bow @ Andrea Commarata's Glass Art. Once again, I've never been a frou frou bow lover, but Andrea (top photo, right), with her beau bow, has made me a convert. Seriously...this metallic red bow glass necklace ($65) just might be the quintessential holiday 2011 necklace.
from Deland Tiki
There was something so endearing about this rough-hewn hard-case purse ($125) and the love story behind it. Sara, who sells vintage clothing,  was coming home one day with one of those desirable vintage wooden purses -- maybe a la Enid Collins or similar -- and she fell and it broke into smithereens. She was very upset. A few hours later, Justin, a talented whittler, presented her with his own version. So romantic, right? From Deland Tiki.
from CraftySarah

Last year I bought an "Eclipse" duct tape wallet from Sarah McCarty. This year I bought one with a sugar cereal box theme ($15). My friend, Debbie, was interested in the comic wallet above. They're big enough and chic enough to use as an evening clutch.
undies by nevermay
With "The Underwear Diaries" permanently implanted in my brain, underwear never goes unnoticed. May Stafford cuts and decorates these white cotton briefs ($7). I'm loving the contrast stitching.

soap or trinket dish from Chloe the Hot Dog & Friends
Coming later this week: my favorite home delights at Odd Duck. Until then,  XOXO.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There's No Time Like NOW

Today I was included in a blog, and my friend, Cheryl Maeder, called frantically asking for my blog link. "They need it right now," she insisted. So I gave her this one...the not quite done one. If I may draw a parallel to giving birth -- at 3:00 pm, this blog was still in labor.

Now, at 10:20 PM, it's not. Tonight is the official birth of wantneedxoxo. The "xoxo" stands for LOVE.

So here I go...

My favorite "killer look" of the day. A hand painted eye tray, done on a 91/4" W x 7 1/4" H metal tray by Bob Christian Decorative Art, found at an antique mall at 3300 S. Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. I think it is $120. My friend Kerry and I concur that the Dixie Highway expanse of formerly owned goods - fine and not so much -- is the best South Florida has to offer.

If this eye were mine, i'd put it in the entryway perhaps hung at eye level right when you walk in. It works on almost any background  whether a solid or patterned. Of course, it would also look swell on a Lucite, lacquered or bleached wood table. There are many perfect places for this small great piece.

I have always loved depictions of eyes. My sister used to draw faces with wide open long-lashed eyes. Lately, I've taken up sketching them quickly in black acrylic paint. I get my inspiration from old magazines.