Thursday, September 22, 2011


Wigs on your head, sure! When I was in my early 20s, during my particularly low self-esteem period, I owned three.  One wig was black, straight and Cleo-patriotic. Another was dark, long and wild with exotic corkscrew curls. The third was blond and kind of Doris Day-like. 
I saw these wigs from Ateliers C&S Davoy at the Atlanta Gift Show in July
Wigs on your mantle, foyer table, or bedside...not so sure. Historic wigs do have merit as artful constructions. They have a firm place in fashion. But as a long-haired woman with two long-haired daughters, I am not that interested in bringing more hair, even if it is rolled and neatly tied, into our home.
image of a wig shop courtesy of The Costumer's Manifesto
But centuries ago, wigs were a status symbol. Made of animal and human hair, they were reserved for upper class members who could afford to wear them. Generous sprinklings of powder kept them white and en vogue.

 photo courtesy of Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings
When I was working steadily as a photostylist for Country Living Magazine, I never once tried to procure a decorative hairpiece as a prop. I relied more on stacks of books, casual throws, and flowers to warm up a room. Of course in an offbeat dressing room with lots of shelves or cubbies, a collection of wigs might be perfect.  


They're oddly fascinating, and I do XOXO how fashion and home rub off on one another.  As for me, I am not running out this moment to find some wigs for my home or anyone else's home. This decision, like a hairstyle, however, just might change.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ARCHITECTURAL CRUSH OF THE WEEK: 7500 Davie Road Extension, Hollywood

Last Friday, I had more of an urge to get on the road than on-line, so I drove down to Davie to some of my favorite South Florida thrift shops. On Davie Road, in between Shop A and Shop B, I passed the "Prince of Peace" Church built in 1960. I've passed this house of worship on and off for years, and it has always drawn my attention. This week I decided to pull over and shoot.
I'm not sure exactly why I'm crushing on this building. It certainly isn't the color or lush surrounding landscape -- in fact the window-blocking placement of palm trees bothers me and makes me feel kind of itchy. I think what resonates with me, rather, is the structure's exaggerated and confident angles that seem to echo sleek aeronautic design.
Maybe one day someone will build the "Princess of Peace" and paint it pink. Of course, then I suppose the angles will have to be softened by gentle curves.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Stylish Memories from HD Boutique Miami

This was my first visit to the Miami HD Boutique trade show, and I XOXOed it. I saw many spiffy things,   met amazing people, and reconnected with some old friends. Here are my top 10 memories from HD show:

2. the exquisite feel of Delos' mohair rugs (and how my "Stormy" Revlon polish fit right in)
3. getting weepy over Kindel's Dorothy Draper collection
(and making the acquaintance of Fred Hutton III)
4. meeting Peter Glassford, the man responsible for recycling the wood scraps 
from his furniture biz and 
creating the most inspiring backdrops with them.
5. This Ceramic Head Lamp from Shades of Light, reminded me of
a lamp I fell in love with at the Screen Door in Asheville, NC
6.talking with Ian Rubinstein about his 100 pair of glasses that often coordinate with a wardrobe full of  custom shirts made in Hong Kong.
7. Specialty Tiles's silk-screened ceramic plank tiles tested my weakness for faux bois

8. POLaRT Design's colorful and comfortable tufted furnishings

9. Size does matter -- Foundation's refreshingly large sunburst mirror brings major cheer to a space

10. Daniel Dobin, President of Valley Forge Fabrics

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have been enamored with this building ever since I first laid eyes on it 9 years ago. It is the Goodwill Super Store, with Vintage Boutique, at 1640 N. Federal Highway. On a clear sunny day it stands out even more.
From the turquoise, yellow, and white palette, to the curve of the structure, to the way it's set back on the street, and the modern concrete block and glass combination, I come here not just to shop for bargains but to admire a fine example of 1960 Florida architecture.
 From the reverse angle, the boomerang roof profile is really evident.
Decorative concrete block partially protects the glass windows.
I guess I just have a XOXO thing going on with turquoise and white buildings.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home Schooling My Way

When it comes to decorating, some people bring the outside in. I XOXO to bring the classroom in. Well-made and beautifully designed learning tools and materials look spiffy inside the home -- plus children can learn casually and they often don't even realize it.

Back-to-school is my favorite season. Fall is to organization what spring is to cleaning. A chance to put things in order again. Time to refocus. Another crack at completing the goals left over from the summer list. I feel industrious and hopeful. The kids are in school and I can work for a whole day!!! If I could figure out how to make $ taking classes, I'd be back in school too.

To celebrate this season of intellectual pursuits and the sport of study, here are.........


1. Every writer deserves a great desk: The green one Peter Dunham chose for his Lady's Study in the Veranda "House of Windsor."(photo from: Hollywood at Home)

2. Metal Nerd Glasses spied at GuildMaster would look fab on a stack of books.

3. Even if you're not book smart, you can look smart. Decorating with books warms up a home! These examples are from Go Home.

4. Make tablescapes with geometric solids from Bobo Intriguing Objects

5.I added to my vintage educational collection when I shopped at White Elephant Antiques in Dallas

6. In the spirit of a learning chart, this Butch Anthony piece imparts creative lessons in anatomy, zoology, home ec and more.

7. Stay protected. Graphic canvas laptop cases from Thomas Paul.

8.My doodles look best when done in a black Sharpie fine point pen -- well, I guess everyone's do.
9. The global appeal of chalkboard paint as found on Etsy.

10. Hand-painted alphabet tiles with b&w vintage images mostly chosen from a 1975 encyclopedia set on flip side. Made by moi.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


My cousin Joanna just moved to Miami Beach -- Bay Harbor Island to be exact -- with her 2 sons and her husband, the doctor. (as I wrote "the doctor", in my mind I said it with a Jewish accent.)  So happy to have more family in Florida, and totally psyched that I'll be getting my butt down to Miami more often. This building, built in 1959, is on Joanna's street so I shall see it often. I XOXO its complete devotion to turquoise and white down to the gravel in the planters.