Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Image: Pinterest
More than any other accessory lately, lighting continually captures my attention because it offers drama and mood while providing a very necessary function.

I have been particularly fixated on copper and brass pendants. If it's polished and gold-tone, I XOXO it.  And I find that I am gravitating toward the rounded curvy shapes. From spheres to ellipses, these suspended fixtures are as magical as sunshine, an orange moon, or a golden egg. And even though they're trending and glam, they're also classic like a new shiny penny.
Here are 6 styles that I like a lot.

Image via Pinterest
Like the cone of silence (below) but in copper (above).

Image from Boxothoughts
Image via Lonny
Equally chic for residential and retail,
Here, Tom Dixon's Copper Pendants (above) lend a fashionable glow to Lou and Grey's Westport shop.

Image via Camerich
 At the Vegas Market, Camerich's dome copper pendants caught our eye.
Lighting seems to be a new category for this modern furniture company from Seattle.

Image: Michele Varian
Michele Varian's brass aperture pendant is adjustable. Direct the flow of light by opening and closing the metal leaves.  I featured some of her other fixtures in Miss Blogworthy's ICFF round-up a few months ago.

Image: Schoolhouse Electric
Matte but by no means dull, Schoolhouse Electric's made-in-Portland Isaac Pendant has an 8" shade.

Image: Dunlin via Apartment Therapy
 Craving a little bit more texture, these hammered pendants were found on Claire Zinnecker's "Hint of Gold" Pinterest board by way of Apartment Therapy by way of Dunlin.

I like pretty metallic things around the house and I also like to wear them.

I rock this cuff almost every day. I get a ton of compliments on it.
Bought at a consignment shop for $4, it is major bang for buck.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WINTER REPORT: Style Below the Waist @ NY Now

It was the lovely Aleeza from Affirmats who inspired this year's boot round-up.
During the summer NY gift show, it's the pedicures and pretty sandals that catch my eye. In winter, I XOXO the skirts, worn jeans, patterned tights and "work boots." I know it's the "stuff" that I'm supposed to hone in on, but stellar personal style is on my list of journalistic priorities too. I am always interested in how sellers of stylish goods get themselves dressed to impress. Here are a few of my favorites.
Clare Frost did not wear these hand-embroidered mules to get to the show, but as she worked the Tulu booth on a bed of soft shag, she had the luxury of swapping shoes. Clare designs these shoes which are based off of Herati makes.

I discovered Sandy in the Lila Handcrafts booth, modeling a "Kameez" (kind of a long chemise), featuring Ralli Applique, crafted in Southern Pakistan.
Katie from Mushmina in great patterned tights by Alternative Apparel that she sells at the store.

I spied Kelly Edmonson's shoes as she walked by me in an aisle and then was happy to relocate her in the Lifeguard Press booth. Kelly got these furry leopard shoes at Anthropologie right after Christmas. She is also wearing a "vintage mermaid skirt."

In the Rhadi & Koko booth, Jane (a different one) wore an amazing emerald silk tunic with Stuart Weitzman boots.

Guys, I did not forget about you, but I'm usually looking at your faces more than your feet.

when I mentioned my "Below the Waist" style blog, a friend told me I had to meet Matt Austin from Chalk Ware. Matt's metallic red hi-tops are made by Creative Recreation. He bought them at Barneys. Matt's shoes were indeed cool, but his chalk sets rank among the best of show.

Ryan from The Wooden Palate is a Frye loyalist. When the California woodworker does home restoration, he'll almost always take photos of the work and use his boots as props.

Dawn and Paul were kicking back in the Central Station/Notre Monde booth. She in "vintage-ish" Frye boots that "take 2 to get off" and he in a pair of El Gringos that he's had for years. It was so great to catch up with Dawn. Her only regret twas that I did not get to see her in her kickass turquoise and brown boots. Maybe later sometime?

And then there's me.

Black Sunday: These black vintage cowboy boots were a Christmas gift. As some of you know I wear a size 12, yet my friend Karen, an antique dealer with an awesome eye, picked these for me and they fit well. I was in a black-on-black mood and paired them with my cheetah jeans. I am sitting on a fab stool @ Made Goods.

Here I am, in soft pink snow boots, standing with Kate and Alice from KalaStyle.
Let it be known that this year the incessant precipitation in NY was a thorn in our stride. My personal footwear plan was derailed, however, the upside is that it gave me time to get my boots restored by a good shoemaker. Cobblers in Florida are far and few between and when you find them, they are a bit of a rip off.