Monday, July 25, 2011

DRINK UP: Intoxicating Pink & Orange

Recently inspired by a Dunkin Donuts straw, 
XOXO these colors alone or together.
Here are some little pink and/or orange things I've collected:
 a pink rabbit's foot that i scored in Sanford, FL for $1
 the tissue box hider beside my bed for $4
glass grapes $20
a desk organizer that i may have also had in the 70's
a chic silk covered made in japan tiny address book $5

And here are some p-and-o things I'm thinking about for the future.(hopefully the near one)

a John Robshaw fabric that I saw at Hollywood at Home, LA
over-dyed magenta wool rugs at Patric Charles, Emeryville, CA

 stacked throws at Pat McGann on La Cienega, LA

Boho linen pillow by Villa Home 
Persimmon spin on tradition compliments of O&G Studio in Warren, RI.
This Benefit Highback armchair retails for $920.

 Sis Boom fabrics from "Honey Child" collection

a never-die button bridal bouquet from Kotton Kandy $40

Room and Board's Link LED Floor Lamp $440

mmm...Lacefield Designs adds some chocolate brown to the mix

jonathan adler accessories at Barnes & Noble
and a Jonathan Adler's Nixon end table $850 I spied in the Atlanta store


Friday, July 15, 2011

Atlanta Gift Show: High Lights

lap pool on the roof of MidCity Lofts
Here I am at 7:15 pm Thursday. I left AmericasMart, determined to be good to myself. I succeeded.

From my perch above the steamy city, I reflected on the day's sights, took the quickest nap in unrecorded history, and then perused a copy of "Garden  & Gun" which was the most talked about magazine today --- at least in the conversations that I had.

Back to the show, here are some highlights -- literally High Lights. There were tons of cool chandeliers. Lots of perforated metals, lots of bird cagey wire-framed industrial varieties, fabric drums, and some glam vintage modern interpretations.
souk style at Four Hands

Peninsula Home's Mondis globe is bigger than a beach ball
more wiry chandis at Zentique
Halo Styles's longer Cylindre chandelier is 39.5 "L

Currey & Co is daring with color

at Cyan Design, you can buy extra glass links to lengthen this chandelier

Relaxed drum shades in cotton and linen fabrics from Lacefield Designs
Chicken feeder lamps from Tritter Feefer

and a fixture with a vintage modern vibe from Arteriors Home

That's all she wrote. Time to go to bed.
Lights out!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To Da Loo

 (NOTE: i should have posted this a week ago, but i was looking for one particular bathroom that is in my photo files but un-locatable - grrrrrr! alas....if i find it I shall post it lickety split!)

Two weeks ago, I posted a blog called "Beauty and the Bath" for Benjamin Moore. Since it was a short blog and not a book, many of the bath images and stories that I collected, were nixed from the final edit. This inventory included many lovely real life bathrooms that belonged to my friends: Christine, Cathy, Gigi, Cheryl, and Danielle. So here they are: 

The floor came first, and the color scheme followed. Christine pulled flaxen hues from the mosaic and then gave the room some weight with darker brown and gray.

Cathy wanted to feel like she was at the beach. At her first attempt at paint, the blue was so electric it sent a jolt through her system. She adjusted the strength and has been happily adding bits of things she loves ever since.

After moving to West Palm Beach from Northern California, Cheryl reclaimed her love for bold colors and let her bathrooms reflect this. In the pink bath, she used two different shades.

Danielle's mother sent me a photo of her daughter's bath. Danielle, a college beauty with a ridiculous amount of style for her young age, designed it. With Audrey Hepburn as muse, Danielle chose colors and decor that reminded her of Tiffany, Paris and got a primping place that is romantic and classically modern.

I was not surprised that Gigi went brown and minky in the bath. She is a warm, secure, and confident woman and somehow her color choice reflects her chic earthy vibe.  I like the stone shower floor choice and I think it would feel good on my feet.

Two more bathrooms that struck my fancy.

See the tank, bottom right! This is the closest I've ever seen a bathroom get to a real reading room. I love the niche and the bold art. This was designed by Shannon, an antique dealer I met in Boca.
And this farmhouse bathroom was funked up by my friend Christine who's MN bath is featured earlier in this piece. I shot her whole Wisconsin house for Country Living many years ago. It was one of my favorite shoots of all time. Christine is another amazing woman who has authentic style in every pore.