Thursday, January 31, 2013

New York Gift Fair: La Fleur Stir

Decoupage deer found outside The Library of Flowers booth
I am XOXO-ing some of the new florals recently spied at the New York International Gift Fair. They are not traditional renderings of roses or peonies, nor realistic depictions of lilacs or sunflowers. They are folksy flowers -- a bit boho, a bit nostalgic. These whimsical, often naive specimens look like they might have decorated children's storybooks in the 60s and 70s. They are hybrids; with elements inspired by Frida Kahlo, Marimekko, and Art Deco These blooms are bigger than ditzy florals, and just as sweet, and they are putting me in the mood for spring and redoing something!

Here are a few of my fresh picks ...

1. Jardine Rug by NuLoom

2. Pochoir Pink from Vintage Smith

3. Porcelain Vase with gold floral accents from Jonathan Adler

4. Notecards and journals from Ecojot

5.  August Morgan pillows by Kate Hersch featuring vintage needlework

6. Limited edition jewelry by artist Dion Hitchings for Schmutzerland

7. Wrapping paper from  Snow & Graham

8, Quilted blankets from Utility Canvas

Then, walking back from the Javits, I saw a stenciled design on the side of a small flower stall. 
So I stopped and shot the roses!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stubble Trouble? Blade Buddy to the Rescue

Every young girl anticipates shaving her legs. It is a rite of passage. She begs and begs to shave her legs, until one day her parent, usually her mom, shrugs her shoulders, offers one last warning - "It'll only come in heavier and darker" -- and then, realizing that her daughter doesn't think so and doesn't care, whisks her off to Target to buy her first razor.

The daughter is excited at first. She posts about shaving on Facebook and gets hundreds of likes. She instagrams her first razor. Once the newness wears off, and shaving becomes a chore, she realizes that she has unleashed a hairy monster. And when she finally has to buy her own razor blades, she will curse the day she started. This girl needs to know about Blade Buddy. Everyone needs to know.

Simply swipe the razor on a soaped up Blade Buddy pad 15-20 times before shaving. New or nearly new blades work best.
Blade Buddy is the way to keep your blade alive so that you are buying blades much less frequently. It prolongs the life of a razor blade for months. The silicone pad is designed with special grooves that work to re-straighten bent blades.  Blade Buddy is a money saver and waste reducer (Billions of razors and packaging are put into landfill each year). It costs about $20.
At least a week has passed since my last shave, and I have just sharpened my razor with Blade Buddy!!

I  took my time and ended up with a great shave. My legs felt super clean!
(btw, this is my knee. A friend of mine asked "what is that?")
Prior to discovering Blade Buddy via The Balancing Act, my normally fastidious shaving habits had taken a dive. The cost of razor blades dampened desire, plus my former boyfriend was totally cool with my prickly legs. I  am, however currently single, in possession of a Blade Buddy, shaving more frequently, and feeling really optimistic about life in general. 

(this blog is dedicated to @casadecrain)