Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fashionably Armed

It all started with this cute crochet octopus from the thrift shop.
 I xoxo its springy tentacles and the relaxed way they just droop over anything. Lately, I seem to be seeing more and more octopi, but I'm editing my list down to 8 -- one per tentacle.
CAB FAYRE's laser cut brooch, $8
Octopus Woman by Minimonos on Etsy, $55
Write in Cafe Press's journal with 1 hand or 8, $11
Devout Dolls 7" wired tentacle OctiPirate, $28
Nauti & Co.'s unisex Octi-T, $35
Goes great with white bikini, $18.95
"Paul", in silver or white, from Made Goods, sits well atop books
wrapping up with Thomas Paul's octopus shawl/pareo, $60

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