Friday, February 15, 2013

VALENTINE SPECIAL: Couples That Work Together

On my way to the Gift Show I passed this sign @ 72nd & Bway. Check out This is How You Win Her Back; the story it''s pretty cool.
I XOXO meeting couples who are in business together, and I always find a bunch at the New York Gift Show. Some couples I have known for years, others I just met at the last show. This Valentine's Day I honor your commitment to create and relate. As far as I can see, it seems to be working!

Two ceramicists in one house:  "It turns out I am married to a great designer." -- Jill Rosenwald on Lawrence McCrae

The flower maker and his wife.
"Working together is a luxury with an undetermined outcome." -- Tommy Mitchell on working with Marty Mitchell,  Tommy Mitchell Company
"We have learned to not take things too seriously." -- Amy & Jacob Townsend of Amy Ruth Designs
"We met in 1972 and have been together ever since. We don't quite look at the world the way most people do." - David Rubin and Bonnie Berish, Schmutzerland
"The idea of coming home in the evening and taking about completely different realties is something I can't imagine -  Ernie Sesskin of Groundwork
(Brian Foster, Me, and Ernie Sesskin)
Don Carney and John Ross from Patch NYC are both artists whose creative modes are totally complimentary.

 Happy Valentine's Day!  XOXO Jane

P.S. If you work alongside your life partner, let me know. 

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