Thursday, April 9, 2015

Countdown to High Point: The Currey 6

I was invited, among others, to preview Currey & Co.'s newest decorative offerings for High Point Spring Market 2015. Flattered by the ask, I am sharing 6 random pieces that spoke to me. Like playing a word association game, certain items triggered a quick thought, and it was this auto-response that drove
"The Currey 6."

For example, as soon as I saw the Medusa Multi-Pendant (above), I thought, 
in other words, I predict it will be one of the most widely editorialized spectacles of market. As for me, I'd XOXO to see it floating above me in a South Beach bar while I drink the crispest, coldest glass of prosecco.


Wild for folksy Mexican heart milagros, I now heart Shannon Koszyk's chic translation.

Sacred Heart Mirror (left) from the Shannon Koszyk Collection + a Milagro collection from Flickr.
As decorators/designers we all have experienced the NEED to find the finishing touches for a certain project, that je ne sais quoi piece for a puzzling corner, clamoring for something to fill the space, but nothing too much. Voila! The faux bois coat tree, except sans coats, in perfect fade-away gray.
Bonus: You can dress it up for the holidays.

The Countryhouse Coat Tree, 77.5"H,  is too cool to cover up.
As soon as I saw the black-n-nude Cooksbridge Pendant it reminded me of the killer dress Madonna wore on the IHeartRadio Awards, except in reverse.

Madonna image found on That 1960 Chick
Every cell in my body responds to green in a really good way.
Funny, they call this colorway for the Rehan Rug "charcoal" but I'm just seeing green.
...the whole idea of cross-section fascinates me, and since I've been keeping tabs, when I spied the sliced bamboo decorating the Currey & Co. shade, I was convinced of the trend.

Currey & Co's Grove Rectangular Chandelier (left) with Timothy Oulton's table, a firewood stack in Athens, GA and a window dresser's cardboard tree prop.
And one more thing...

The uber-creative and witty Aviva Stanoff will be in the Currey & Co. house on Monday the 20th from 3-5, High Point. She's working on a collection that will launch late this year. I can't even imagine!

And one more thought...

 If you are a designer/decorator reading my blog, please check out Parlore for iPad, sign up, and try it for free. If you are a manufacturer of pretty, cool, unique, well-made, designer-friendly home furnishings and decor, reach out: Or come say hello in High Point at 220 Elm on Saturday the 18th.

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