Sunday, June 12, 2011

Faith and the Find


Bulk deals is just one of Faith Farm's attractions
 When I first moved to Florida in 2002, I thought I had moved to thrift shop heaven. My aunt Cookie, a rather adept secondhand shopper. introduced me to the Broward County bevy. Unlike the disorganized and crowded ones in NYC, the Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach thrift shops were spacious and well lit, and clothing hung in rainbow order, easy to peruse by color. I was smitten. I was hooked. Thrift shopping quickly became my favorite pastime.

The inflated Florida real estate boom led to the demise of many small thrift shops that benefited under-funded causes. Strip mall kings kicked out these humble stores and hoped to raise rents and attract richer businesses. Those lucrative deals never came and many of these store fronts still sit empty.

There are a few thrift stores that survived the real estate crash and continue to thrive in the economic downturn. One of those is Faith Farm, the proceeds from which help people conquer drug and alcohol addiction. Besides being an everyday treasure trove of new and used furniture, clothes, and bric-a-brac, Faith Farm Thrift has special sales every two months. These events are popular. So the early bird catches the best worms.
a $3 find yellowed with age or nicotine.

these books may come in handy when writing for Benjamin Moore

i get very excited when i find someone else's personal date

i like drinking coffee and tea out of glass or white mugs only.

Last week I strolled through the Boynton Beach store. Didn't get through it all because I had to get to a meeting. But I left materially and emotionally richer, and $5 poorer. My finds included an original river scape, 2 very cool double-handled mugs, the bottom half of a mini tureen, 2 books on color from the 70s, a 2002 planner that belonged to someone named Linton, and 3 children's books including the very popular "Dork Diaries."
notice the oriental relief detail on table base. $400-something

i am a bit hesitant about buying previously relaxed on upholstery but a unique piece like this under $170 could sway me.

buy for $129 (i think) and just add a new slipcover

after writing about YELLOW, I am very tuned into it. ($15)
attention young girls!!! $379
Had I been shopping for a client or redecorating my own place I may have been tempted by a dining room set that Don Draper might get drunk at, an orange velvet sofa with green welting, a very long, slightly curved slip-covered sofa, a bold yellow and grey print for $15, or a new pink twin bed from Ashley Furniture.

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