Monday, June 6, 2011

Personal Shopper of a Different Kind

A young man discovers a new talent when he helps a friend pick out a wardrobe for summer camp.
Today, my daughter and I went to Forever 21 in the Boca Town Center Mall. She had an agenda; I had none. I flipped through the pretty clothes for a short while, saw mostly dresses disguised as tops,  but without a specific mission and an extra $50, soon lost interest in my own fashion prospects and started tuning into the fervent searches of others.

I was happy to ease into one unique scenario which involved a lively group of 5 recent high school grads. One girl enrolled a group of three boys to help a second girl pick out some dresses. I  watched as one of the boys rose to the occasion, scoured the store, and scooped up a bunch of dresses. I was impressed by the young man's valiant effort. The other boys were entertained but only peripherally engrossed. I was completely charmed.
"I WANT friends like you," I said. Then I asked "Who's the lucky girl?"
They pointed to a cute girl.
"For graduation?" i asked.
"No we already graduated. For camp!" the personal shopper volunteered.
I raised my eyebrows inquisitively. At Lake Bryn Mawr Camp, where I once went, I ne'er remember a day when a dress was required.
"For fancy nights?" I continued.
"For Shabbat," they answered, not sure if I understood.
"Oh. Cool. I'm Jewish too," I said with a smile.
 And then I asked if I could take their picture because it really was a very sweet moment among friends.


aregli said...
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aregli said...

Love it that teenage girls were excited about some new threads for Shabbat! Love this. Xoxoxo.