Monday, July 25, 2011

DRINK UP: Intoxicating Pink & Orange

Recently inspired by a Dunkin Donuts straw, 
XOXO these colors alone or together.
Here are some little pink and/or orange things I've collected:
 a pink rabbit's foot that i scored in Sanford, FL for $1
 the tissue box hider beside my bed for $4
glass grapes $20
a desk organizer that i may have also had in the 70's
a chic silk covered made in japan tiny address book $5

And here are some p-and-o things I'm thinking about for the future.(hopefully the near one)

a John Robshaw fabric that I saw at Hollywood at Home, LA
over-dyed magenta wool rugs at Patric Charles, Emeryville, CA

 stacked throws at Pat McGann on La Cienega, LA

Boho linen pillow by Villa Home 
Persimmon spin on tradition compliments of O&G Studio in Warren, RI.
This Benefit Highback armchair retails for $920.

 Sis Boom fabrics from "Honey Child" collection

a never-die button bridal bouquet from Kotton Kandy $40

Room and Board's Link LED Floor Lamp $440

mmm...Lacefield Designs adds some chocolate brown to the mix

jonathan adler accessories at Barnes & Noble
and a Jonathan Adler's Nixon end table $850 I spied in the Atlanta store


1 comment:

eclecticamiami said...

I love that this was inspired by a straw!
I have a pillow in this color combo, made from 2 vintage Fieldcrest hand towels. SO Mod!
Red and pink are pretty sweet together, too!