Monday, November 7, 2011


a portion of my collection grouped under a buffet
I XOXO books and have an obsessive book buying and book photo-taking habit.  I buy books for reading, reference, and collage. Many of the books I have are vintage, and yet I inevitably find odd bits of information still relevant today.

Books warm up a space and give clues about the people who live and work there. Whether they look tidy or seemingly out of control, on shelves, on chairs, under tables, or bedside, these wonderful stackers with their creamy pages and varied fonts and illustrations are probably (at least for today) my favorite home accessory.

me with Brian Wynn having a very level-headed conversation at the Atlanta Gift Show many years ago
I notice book collections wherever I go.  Here are 10 collections that I adore...
interior designer Scott Robertson's library in Lake Worth, FL
the library at The Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach

the stacks at Mary Messer's bargain bookshop, Waynesville, NC
from Richard Hallberg's Dining Room in the House of Windsor
inside an antique mall in Asheville
Books as bricks. Found on 4theboys 
my friend's sons have been avid readers since before they could write. their dad writes a childrens book blog.
an art installation at Palm Beach
in author/brand strategist Robert Sawyer's home, most surfaces are covered with books

some of the books in Santa Fe artist Carol Anthony's studio. Love the worn "madeline".

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