Tuesday, October 25, 2011


"Drats" is what I'm thinking. Is it too late to get kids excited about making Halloween crafts? Is it to late to get moms psyched about displaying these artful creations? Can I apply some of these wish-I saw-these-earlier Halloween craft ideas to an upcoming season? The answer to all these questions lies between "Maybe" and "yes."

Here are a few Halloween crafts and easy to assemble decorating ideas, that I XOXO, discovered perhaps a tad late, that I could alter and adapt for different seasons:

Check out how blogger Alisa Burke transformed kraft-paper tubes into little monsters with great amounts of style. She has a great way with color and paint. I think I can definitely apply this craft to Pilgrims, Native Americans, reindeer or elves.

Multi-talented blogger mom Allison Waken comes up with good craft ideas such as this spider web. I'm not sure if this is adaptable for Christmas. I was thinking could you shape the hanger in a sort of elongated triangle and then criss-cross with green yarn and then add sparkles and stuff to make it look festive and tree-ish.
From Martha Stewart -- these pasta anatomical collages aren't just for Halloween. I could see doing a project like this anytime in school. It's educational and fun, more than scary. A bunch of these would look all in similar frames or in shadow boxes, labeled with medical titles such  as: vertebrae fusili. Just thinking bout a pasta turkey or perhaps use "angel" hair in manger scene for star of Bethlehem.

Or perhaps, to jazz things up a bit, with inspiration from artist Butch Anthony, cut an image out from a magazine or blow up a family photo and then place the pasta on top in a skeletal fashion.

I went to my old alma mater -- Country Living -- for some craft inspiration. For Christmas, I would fill glass vessels with fawn-a. I have a herd of flocked and plastic and glittered deer, and I'd place them on moss, on pedestals, sitting down, etc.

I saw a very cool accordion book on Elle's Studio. Thought it was decked out with a BOO theme -- check it out  on the PDF here. -- a blank book, like a blank page, can be anything. And these books, once personalized can sit on a mantle or anywhere for decoration.

Happy Halloween and happy crafting y'all. :))))

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