Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Am Self-Published

the cover of my first book features painted popsicle sticks

A few hours ago, I joined my desire to write a book with my XOXO of photography and self-published a soft-bound publication through Lulu Press. It is being printed as I write this blog! My 21-page photo book measures 5 1/4" by 3 1/2" and has about 150 words and17 original photographs. I called it "The Colorful Counting Book." It is not destined for adult book clubs, but rather may feel more welcome slipped into a purse before setting out on a cross-town bus with a toddler.
"13 silver shoes" did not make the cut because I felt my niece wouldn't relate to the old styles
Putting it together was fairly easy considering that I was totally winging it as I uploaded from my vast bank of photos and dragged them onto the pages. I knew that I wanted to make a unique book for my 2 1/2 year old niece. Tired of predictable imagery and licensed characters found in many children's books, I used photos taken from travels, flea markets, and numerous saunters down the aisles of antique malls. Beyond counting things and identifying colors, I chose photos that can easily spur other conversations and motivate your toddler's imagination.
Conversely, "4 feet" did make the cut.
Self-published books are creative and thoughtful gifts. They can also be moneymakers. I did not make this book with the intention of selling it, although a Lulu rep, featured on "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime Television, spoke about a woman who self-published a cookbook on the site and sold quite a number of them. If sales happen for this book, well...that'd be a nice surprise. But i want to preview it, hold it in my hands, and judge the quality before I promote it.

I will have an update on "The Colorful Counting Book" on the 26th.

I have a feeling this could be the start of something addictive.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I really love this idea and am looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

cheryl rogers photography said...
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cheryl rogers photography said...
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cheryl rogers photography said...

So... for instance, what does the corresponding "Aunt Jane text" for these photos look like? I can not imagine how special a personalized gift such as this will be for your sweet little neice but knowing you, I'm completely confident every page will be a conversation starter. And, for the record, I won't be surprised at all if it is just as appealing to adults as it is to little people. File this in ypur pre-release book reviews; it's going to be GREAT!!!