Thursday, February 9, 2012

THIS WOMAN NEEDS HER VITAMINS (but hasn't been very good about taking them so far)

I am aware that I NEED to take vitamins. My gynecologist keeps after me to take a multi and my physician tells me to take extra D.  I have taken both of them for a few days, and then, after about a year have thrown the money bottles out. I know my health matters --  I get that every time I look at my kids. But I'd rather eat an entire pot of sauteed watercress and half an acorn squash than take a vitamin.

When I was recently asked,"Would you like to sample a delicious liquid vitamin?" I immediately said, "Yes!" -- thinking this might be the chance to redeem my prior vitamin failures. I was asked to review Passion4Life. I started it 3 weeks ago. I am proud to say that in 21 days I have forgotten to take it twice, and purposely didn't take it once because I just didn't feel like it. To my taste buds, you see, it's not all that delicious.

It's not horrible either. Each time I approach the bottle, I tell myself that it's really not that bad and in fact, I think I am getting used to the taste. But I have also perfected the art of ignoring the taste. I don't pay it much attention as it goes down, and I also refrain from inhaling. And yes, I have tried holding my nose.  With every swallow, however, I hope my cells are benefiting tremendously from the 135+ ingredients -- many of which I have taken on their own here and there.

After 3 weeks of taking Passion4Life,  I don't see any "OMG WOW" changes, but then I wasn't expecting anything dramatic. I am not nauseous from this vitamin like I have been from capsules. I feel fine for a women of 48 who gets 5 hours of sleep on average a night. I do believe that a regimen such as this should be complimented with a regular exercise routine which....unless you consider manic typing and dishwasher unloading a work out...I am admittingly still lacking.

Of course I googled Passion4Life before I took it. I watched the segment that aired on Lifetime's "The Balancing Act."  The 70-year old inventor Charles Van Kessler seems extremely robust for his age and passionate about delivering consumable health to the public. His story is a good one: forced to live in an Amsterdam orphanage during WW II, lived in dreadful condition, ate poorly, sought to regain his health, and then was inspired years later to create his own health business, and also a non-profit called Passion for K.I.D.S. -- that gives assistance to kids in desperate situations. I like that a lot.

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