Thursday, March 1, 2012


{Inspired by a recent blog I wrote for Benjamin Moore about portable paint decks, I created a pedi-stick. Read all about it. You just might WANT one too}

my present polish repertoire
voila! my pedi-stick looks cool.

I have big feet. They’re not particularly good looking. But I still like to paint my toes.

It’s 1 a.m., and I decide to polish my toenails. I start with Stormy.

It looks a tad dull.

Dots? Stripes? I reach for Minted.

I need a finer brush but I am too lazy to go to my craft cupboard for a super thin paintbrush. I find a thin wooden manicure stick instead and use the pointy end to apply pattern.  

I notice how pretty the first inch of the stick looks dipped in Minted, so I decide to paint the remaining length with some of my favorite color stock.
I love my daughter's hands.
I wish the pale Lily on the end was brighter like the color my daughter Dylan is wearing now.

Photo courtesy: A Perfect Gray
Many interior designers say that dressing a room is like dressing oneself. To that I add, polishing one's toes is like dressing a room.


margo tantau said...

i love you & how your brain works.

A Perfect Gray said...

you are so much fun!