Friday, March 30, 2012


As urban centers welcome rural sprawl, down-home style is now-home style! While farm life imagery was once predictable decor in American country houses, an appreciation for what is wholesome, home-grown, rustic, and green is very modern and in demand. There's plenty to XOXO about the farm.

Farm for all! Farm for walls!


At 31" tall, this colorful, reclaimed bead-board rooster from Dryads Dancing will wake up any room.


"They're my Andy Warhol inspired farm animals," says Eric Fausnacht about his new silkscreen prints on hand-painted paper. While the rooster and hen are his own animals, Fausnacht scouted for additional animal models at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.


Mad for Cow -- this 24 x 19  painting titled "Morgan" is done with a palette knife.  By HamJ


Ruby Williams used brightly colored painted signs, such as this 24 x 37 wooden one, to draw attention to her roadside produce stand. Available at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art.


A farm blog wouldn't be complete without a pig or hog! This painted quilt is by Theresa Disney.  I saw it last month at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery.


Benjamin Moore's "Farm Fresh" AF-360 is the color of brown eggs.

And also, FARM for your bookshelf or coffee table:

Photographer Michael Hanson documented the urban farm movement in a book called "Breaking Through Concrete: Building an Urban Revival." He went on the road with his brother David and urban farmer Edwin Marty, and captured the success of 12 city farms around the country. From University of California Press.

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