Friday, July 27, 2012

The Biltmore -- What's not to XOXO?

In May, I visited The Biltmore for my very first time. I was totally bummed that photos were not permitted inside the house, and I respected that. Not once did i non chalantly pull out my iPhone and sneak a shot. The grounds gave me plenty of beauty to process anyway. Here are some of my favorite shots.
Near the entrance of the estate, there is a selection of garden blooms.
At first I wanted this shot w/o anyone, but I actually love boy in orange shirt in the distance.

Biltmore from the side. I get why people come here to take wedding photos.
One of the many statues on the grounds.
Limestone carvings have family symbols and fleur-de-lis that are looking mighty, ahem, phallic. 
All the copper work at Biltmore has the lovely aqua patina.
The air is so incredibly clean here.
My immaturity quickly resurfaces when I see a grotesque with boobies.  
The architectural tour took us to landings and rooftops.
Love the scale of these doors in the stables, converted to retail shops.
Speaking of retail, I loved the recycled metal toadstools in the garden shop.
The most unadorned room at Biltmore, the simplicity of this potting room inspires me.
Aliums - beautiful purple puff balls. 
Would make a nice frame or mirror design. 
vivid colors all around.
Red Hat ladies head for the conservatory. 
Love the rustic beauty of the upstairs room at the Stable Cafe

Ta Da!!

(P.S. There's more in-depth Biltmore architecture talk on Bob Vila)

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