Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This chicken teriyaki recipe is so delicious and nearly infallible. Nearly, I say, because I don't totally adhere to the recommended cook time. I tend to cook it longer because I like to get my chicken parts a bit chewy and crispy on top. Nobody seems to mind if the meat is a bit dry or well done, because the teriyaki sauce is so excellent.

The soy sauce-stained recipe is below, along with some of my mathematical calculations for doubling the recipe. I always make more so I can sauce up some salmon, tofu or beef later in the week. I don't remember where I found it.

I am making chicken teriyaki for dinner tomorrow night. I'll be out most of the day, so I made the sauce ahead of time. I may add some photos of the finished dish tomorrow. In the meanwhile, if you try it, let me know.

P.S. the other night I threw in a bunch of garlic cloves and just let them bake whole in the pan with the chicken. OMG! I will do it again tomorrow!

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