Friday, October 5, 2012


Caviar by Laura Kirar for Arteriors Home
Laura Kirar was in Florida last month at the Adriana Hoyos showroom at DCOTA to promote her 4th collection of lighting (and accessories) for Arteriors Home. I didn't know much about Kirar prior to the event, but after the presentation, I really liked her and admired her holistic approach to design.

Maize and Chainmail Lamps
Kirar seems down to earth. Her evolution from painter and sculpture to product and interior designer has been graceful as her creative ambitions are inspired by melding art and functionality -- two of life's essentials. In fact, some of Kirar's very first metal sculptures were illuminated. And now she's designing lamps!

Here are 10 things I learned about Laura Kirar

1. Laura knew how to weld at 13.
2. Her office is painted coral pink.
3. Before striking out on her own, she worked at Holly Hunt and Ralph Lauren.
4. "I'm one of those girls who likes to be busy all the time."
5. She is a world traveler, and never takes off without camera and sketchbook.
6. She's loving dark charcoal walls now and loves how art looks on the color. 
7. Mexico will prove very influential in her next lighting collection and we will see inspiration from colonial architecture and terracotta..
8. She adopted 3 chihuahuas.
9. "I have lots of ideas and they don't include reality TV."
10. She has a studio in Miami................

which means maybe I'll meet her there one day and learn 10 more things about her.

Thank you Adriana Hoyos for hosting the event so we could all hang out amongst the beauty. Cheers!

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