Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We XOXO (Rescue) Dogs

I was very excited to attend the red carpet premier of the newest Designing Spaces' "Pet Spaces of Hope". The episode, featuring improvements at Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Wellington, FL, airs on Lifetime Thursday morning at 7:30 and features valuable information for dog owners, potential dog owners, and part-time canine caregivers like me. 

Dylan & Sammi: That is Sammi's 3rd chocolate-covered strawberry.
I brought my kids along. Whenever possible, I like to expose them to a world beyond their friends, school, and what they think they know. I had been invited last minute and hadn't a clue where we were headed. But I heard there would be dogs (and we XOXO dogs) and I heard there would be cocktails and hors d'oeuvres (my favorite!). I put in the address and followed my GPS.
The great lawn via iPhone Panorama
We turned right into a wildlife preserve, and I was immediately intrigued. I was in a part of Jupiter, FL that I had never seen, never heard of. We followed the directions down rural roads, past some beautiful homes, and then thru the big iron gates of  the Russell Ranch, a tremendous Alpine-style party house on a hunting preserve.

The valet took my car and we stood at the entrance to the party. Our eyes scaled the large estate, and then panned for dogs. We arrived just as the "Paw-parazzi" (I did not make that up) were shooting canines and VIPs from BDRR. My girls were smitten by the pups. I too loved seeing these lovable and adoptable canines held by beautiful women in fancy dresses. But of course, I was dieing to see the house. Giddyup!

setting out on my venture
We entered the front hall.
 I ventured through a small part of the 24,000 sq ft. home decked to the nines in "upscale hunting lodge" decor. The house had stone floors, wood ceilings, suede and leather upholstery, ornate iron work, feathered centerpieces, and lots of taxidermy. Room after room was decorated in rich, warm earth tones differentiated in tribal-inspired fabrics, plush patterned rugs, and heavy window draperies.
Here are some of the design details.

a personalized floor mosaic
trophies look down on  the great room.
Hats for all.
Fringe binge bar stools
Quintessential steer symbol pillow with optional bling bag.
Ornate iron work features an outdoorsy theme.
Animal aesthetic: Bear sconce above tiger.
 Beyond the adventurous Western decor, it was just a fabulous place to host a luxe party with dogs.

Newly adopted Luke with his owner
Words of gratitude and acknowledgment.

...and everyone ended up in the kitchen!

Designing Spaces and its partners have been working with Big Dog Rescue Ranch over the past year on a makeover that provided a more comprehensive and better organized facility. Improvements to the rescue include an operating room (compliments of Butler Schein Animal Health and Leading Edge), more efficient storage rooms, and a year's worth of pet food donated from By Nature.


Nancy said...

Loved the post (as usual), Jane! The home is beautiful, and who wouldn't XOXO those sweet puppies? :)

Debi Marie said...

Awesome post! It was a fun night for a great cause!!

Jane Dagmi said...

Nancy and Debi, Thanks for reading and commenting. Nancy, I know you are a dog rescuer. And Debi, I think it might be fun to interview you for a blog. maybe do a little behind the scenes with...