Monday, March 25, 2013

Blog (and website) envy: MS. MISHIGAS

Jo is in the foreground.
 Meet my cousin Joanna, aka Jo, aka Ms. Mishigas, Queen of Chaos. She is beyond awesome.

Jo left her hot hot-dog biz in Philadelphia in August 2011, moved down to Miami with great husband and adorable kids, decorated her condo with super cool thrift store finds, and then went and got diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer in December. She hopped on a plane, gathered medical opinions, and sustained intense treatment in order to get the cancer the F out of her body. Jo blogged through treatment, unveiling an amusing, effortless funny, authentic, and free voice. From her blog, she (along with some friends) built a website -- Ms. Mishigas -- that educates, guides, and inspires people with and without cancer, and also aims to redistribute "good condition 'cancer stuff'" like hats, bandanas, etc." for those who need it.

To (nearly) quote McFadden & Whitehead: "Ain't no stopping her now!"

*     *     *

And now a design bonus...  a few shots of Jo's total funhouse taken by me without any "I'm-gonna-come down-and-take-some-photos" warning.  In blogland, she may be Queen of Chaos. At home, comfort is king. No styling, just loose, comfortable, and affordable modern.

It took Jo just 2 days to find a vintage furniture dude who drove his van over and let her peek in the back and buy what she liked.

I love this little reading corner especially when the breeze blows the curtains.
Her master bedroom color scheme is a mix of clouds, sun, and Jo.

And for those of you still going, "Huh, WTF is Mishigas??" (also spelled "mishegas") here is a definition swiped from the internet:
Mishegas (n.)
Craziness: The fact that she refused to go to college is mishegas.

Here is how I would use the word:
 Jo's unpredictable, unfussy, generous, love-filled life is the most beautiful mishigas I have ever seen.

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