Monday, March 18, 2013


does anyone know what play or sonnet this is from?
I'm not a big fan of mass-digested inspirational quotes, especially about love. It's not that I don't believe love can be as good, strong and as word-perfect as the quotes  suggest -- I'm just a bit of a disbeliever when it comes to the longevity of monogamous love relationships.

Yes, the relationship cynic speaks!

Image from A Vibrant Mexican Wedding via The Lane
Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered The Lane -- a beautiful site all about weddings and filled with potential vow nuggets --  and really liked it. The Lane doused my rogue cynicism... temporarily, providing plenty of nice sentiment and romantic eye candy.

If I had been hooked to a sensor while reviewing this site, I think the doctors would have found my brain waves to be mostly positive. Truth be told...a few photographs of older people (like over 35) feeling fancy free and falling in love too would have been nice. But O.K....maybe that's just another website.

All images are from The Lane

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