Thursday, April 18, 2013

GIMME SHELTER PART 3: The "Pinch Me" Reveal


(The big reveal show just aired, so now I can post my perspective thru my pictures.)

It was on Valentine's Day when Joy Stewart went back to live in her four bedroom home. The Designing Spaces Dream Team had been working diligently on a remodel that included light structural repairs, a new paint job inside and out, a renovated kitchen, a household of new furniture and decorative accessories, and a couple of televisions. Up to a half hour before the dramatic reveal, the house was still being tweaked. Last minute adjustments included hanging art and mirrors, and putting the TVs together.
The living room furnished with new leather seating from Standard Furniture is pretty much done.
Tuesday Morning Ladies: Wendy Moses-Mearls, Florida district manager, and Cindy Kahn, director of merchandising at home base in Dallas are still accessorizing the kitchen.
o2's Media Director Amanda Duggan is on TV assembling duty
Joe Campbell puts the finishing touches on the front entrance.
Meanwhile a crowd assembled outdoors. There were teachers and cops. There were executives and volunteers from participating non-profits. There were city officials. There were reporters and camera crews and representatives from the Miami Dolphins organization.
Wayne Roustan reported on the story for the Sun Sentinel. Here he interviews head Dream Team carpenter Joe Campbell.
Host Debi and David with Rebuilding Together Broward's Executive Director Sandra Einhorn and President Allan Weiss

Ed Greeley (center) of Sleep Pro with his wife and biz partner
 Local commissioners Gary Frankel and David Hilton
Neighborhood friends hanging out with Michael the amazing volunteer

Former Dolphins player Troy Drayton came along to share in the spirit of giving.

Joy finally arrives at the scene
All teary eyes on Joy.

KC did not bring the sunshine but he did give Joy her new keys.
Going in the new house for the first time.
 Joy, her kids, and manufacturers alike were all speaking words of praise and gratitude. The benefits of both giving and receiving were apparent. Joy's oldest son Michael, age 24, called the event "truly life changing."

Now that she has a trundle bed in her  pink and princessy room, 7-year old Keneaka can have sleepovers 
 Standard Furniture's armoire features beaded trim and floral mounts

Kids from the neighborhood peek through the window. After the taping, they were invited in.
The eat-in kitchen, with a new bar height gathering spot, is now a cheerful space for meals, homework, and passing time.
Tuesday morning supplied accessories such as cookware, art, and bedding.
"I get to sleep in my own bed, have my own space and covers."
"We never had a surprise like this before in our life!"
Checking out the goody bags from the Dolphins organization.
And in Joy's words...
"Pinch me I want to see if it's real!"

Joy (with Deputy Ragauskas) placed the experience "somewhere between 9th cloud and infinity."
When I left, Joy was happily testing out her new Sleep Zero Gravity bed -- the first one of its kind in Florida. 


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