Monday, April 29, 2013

BLOG ENVY: Brown Dress with White Dots


All images found on Brown Dress with White Dots
I am supposed to be writing a blog for a client right now, but i just found Brown Dress with White Dots  and am experiencing total blog envy. Every image makes me feel like I am in an old section of Europe peering in on some fine relic of the culture and I xoxo feeling that way.

There are compelling time worn interiors.

There are pretty dresses to covet.

This is not a site to visit when you are hungry, because the grainy breads, drippy jam, and luscious cakes will send you right to the fridge in search of something satisfying.

Also, if you are on the fence about getting a dog, you will probably go out and get one after seeing all the cute ones on this site.

And for those times when you may be doubting your self-worth, here's a rock's worth of wisdom that I found here.


A Perfect Gray said...

hi, jane! love the head forms and mirror collections in that first image. I need to check that blog out! donna

Jane Dagmi said...

Donna, as always, thanks for reading and taking time out to leave me a message. I am sure you will find lots of pretties for your blog on that site. xoxo jane