Thursday, April 21, 2011

Into Butch

Gosh, how I love people who see opportunity in the humblest of things and who create something new from old. Artist and visionary Butch Anthony does this.

The "Rest Your Bones" chair made me chuckle out loud.
I didn't know about Butch till last month when I drove up to Sanford, FL and walked into Jeanine Taylor Folk Art. My friend Jen O'Connor, art seller and cultivator, grabbed my arm and guided me to a center room. She was so excited. I was certain she was going to finally let me taste the Beard Papa cream puffs she had been raving about. But no..........that would come later.

i am captivated by the simplicity of his wit.
Instead, at that moment, I discoverd Butch Anthony.
Jen  asked "Don't you love him?" 
"Oh my gosh, yes!" I obviously replied.

underneath our composed exteriors we all look like this
 I love the x-ray series for its blend of vintage imagery and fluid line work.

a one room guest house the Butch built when he was 14
I was reading Butch's bio and saw that the New York Times featured his home. I rushed to click on it. He built it with his own hands and furnished it largely with salvaged materials. Since I was little, I wanted to marry a guy who could build me anything I desired. So far, this hasn't happened, yet miraculously, I am doing just fine.

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Linda said...

What a talented man...I like his way of looking at things! Thanks for sharing...