Monday, April 9, 2012

I XOXO MY NEW BOOK: The Wonderful World of Fashion by Nina Chakrabarti

Cover Love: Borrowing a line from "Jerry Maguire": You had me at Hello.
 If borrowing books from the library makes me feel deliciously spoiled, imagine how I felt today when I actually bought myself one. This afternoon in Barnes & Noble, I was downright giddy by the discovery and subsequent purchase of "The Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating, and Dreaming" by Nina Chakrabarti -- a 1" thick book filled with black, white, and pink drawings on soft off-white drawing paper stock.  It was $20.

Just let it go (deep breath):Not even 1/2 hour old and a cross out
When we got home, my daughter opened the book and started writing on the first page in pink magic marker. I freaked.
 "What are you doing?" 
 "Writing my name."
"Your name?" 
(I was confused. I distinctly remember telling her in the car, "Look at the present I bought for me.")
"I'm also putting yours," Sam said. Nice save, honey.
"OK," I said admantly, "but that's it."
"Gosh!!!" she said, kind of mad/hurt.
YUM: sample drawings that are inside

It may sound a trifle anal or selfish of me not to share my new book immediately, but I wasn't ready for her to make her mark. I get it first!


Ginny said...

One day you are going to love seeing that pink writing Jane! I love how it says Sammi 10 and Jane 48. The book looks RAD. Congrats on the find!

Jane Dagmi said...

Yes, i do know that -- in fact if I bought the book secondhand, I would have thought the handwriting-with-mistake was charming. It was just that I wasn't mentally ready to have my book de-virginized. ya know? but i adjusted. :)