Friday, August 10, 2012


I can spend inordinate amounts of time checking out the seashells and rocks that the tide has brought. Random riches. Free treasures.
Today I picked up just a few more since I already have hundreds at home. 
From the bazillions of shells on the beach,
here's why I honed in on these lovelies:

3 flat rocks with holes (top): I keep thinking I'll string them for jewelry or a mobile or ?
2 heart rocks (right): I have a small collection of natural heart-shaped objects. Plus I thought maybe my daughter will want to give one to her boyfriend.
gray rock (bottom right): it looks like a whale, just needs an eye.
3 striped shells (left side): I XOXO striped anything!
4 corkscrew shells (middle): Kind of skeletal; worn down but still strong.
1 small round gray stone: not sure but it caught my eye.

And then there were these feathers. As I mentioned on Facebook, my mother always told me not to pick them up because they were dirty. 
I just don't believe that every feather is dirty. Especially pink ones.

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Recipe for Press said...

I love this. I keep little alters of sea treasures scattered about the house. Endless possibilities and inspiration.