Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kill the Spill: I XOXO The DrinKlip

Image swiped from Design Milk FaceBook page
This image swiped from DrinKlip FaceBook page
I just spied the DrinKlip on Design Milk's FaceBook page and had to bring it over here immediately. The DrinKlip --oh how I XOXO you -- not just what you can do for me, but by providing a dedicated extension of space for all, people and pets alike. Fits on strollers, tables, wheelchairs, school desks. It's a big ass clamp with a cup on the end. Not just for drinks, it can hold something small that you feel needs its special little place like those Ikea screw thingies when you're putting something together.

What a great addition this will be to my desk, since I am forever paranoid about spilling drinks on my laptop. The DrinKlip will erase my concern (not totally erase it because conceivably I could see a giant spider which would cause me to flail my arms up in all directions, thereby potentially rocketing the beverage from the cup.)

I could also use it bedside, as I also have paranoia about knocking over my water glass during a bad dream or in the morning when I reach for my iPhone to turn off the alarm. I'm in the habit of keeping my phone on another plateau for safekeeping, but the DrinKlip will also afford me more space.(Gee...I have major paranoia surrounding technology and liquids, don't I? That's because it happened once. Coffee down my printer and keyboard. Not fun at all.)

Dear DrinKlip geniuses, I hope I have conveyed my extreme elation over your simple lifestyle invention. Do you think it would be possible to tweak the design so that the DrinKlip is wearable? I am sure you've been to a cocktail party, just like me, and wished for another hand to manage hors d'oeuvres plate, camera, drink, etc. I realize that a soft, pliable, active medium is not the ideal platform, but you seem really smart, so........please notify me if this ever comes out. Thank you.

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