Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ARCHITECTURAL CRUSH OF THE WEEK: 7500 Davie Road Extension, Hollywood

Last Friday, I had more of an urge to get on the road than on-line, so I drove down to Davie to some of my favorite South Florida thrift shops. On Davie Road, in between Shop A and Shop B, I passed the "Prince of Peace" Church built in 1960. I've passed this house of worship on and off for years, and it has always drawn my attention. This week I decided to pull over and shoot.
I'm not sure exactly why I'm crushing on this building. It certainly isn't the color or lush surrounding landscape -- in fact the window-blocking placement of palm trees bothers me and makes me feel kind of itchy. I think what resonates with me, rather, is the structure's exaggerated and confident angles that seem to echo sleek aeronautic design.
Maybe one day someone will build the "Princess of Peace" and paint it pink. Of course, then I suppose the angles will have to be softened by gentle curves.

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