Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Stylish Memories from HD Boutique Miami

This was my first visit to the Miami HD Boutique trade show, and I XOXOed it. I saw many spiffy things,   met amazing people, and reconnected with some old friends. Here are my top 10 memories from HD show:

2. the exquisite feel of Delos' mohair rugs (and how my "Stormy" Revlon polish fit right in)
3. getting weepy over Kindel's Dorothy Draper collection
(and making the acquaintance of Fred Hutton III)
4. meeting Peter Glassford, the man responsible for recycling the wood scraps 
from his furniture biz and 
creating the most inspiring backdrops with them.
5. This Ceramic Head Lamp from Shades of Light, reminded me of
a lamp I fell in love with at the Screen Door in Asheville, NC
6.talking with Ian Rubinstein about his 100 pair of glasses that often coordinate with a wardrobe full of  custom shirts made in Hong Kong.
7. Specialty Tiles's silk-screened ceramic plank tiles tested my weakness for faux bois

8. POLaRT Design's colorful and comfortable tufted furnishings

9. Size does matter -- Foundation's refreshingly large sunburst mirror brings major cheer to a space

10. Daniel Dobin, President of Valley Forge Fabrics

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