Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home Schooling My Way

When it comes to decorating, some people bring the outside in. I XOXO to bring the classroom in. Well-made and beautifully designed learning tools and materials look spiffy inside the home -- plus children can learn casually and they often don't even realize it.

Back-to-school is my favorite season. Fall is to organization what spring is to cleaning. A chance to put things in order again. Time to refocus. Another crack at completing the goals left over from the summer list. I feel industrious and hopeful. The kids are in school and I can work for a whole day!!! If I could figure out how to make $ taking classes, I'd be back in school too.

To celebrate this season of intellectual pursuits and the sport of study, here are.........


1. Every writer deserves a great desk: The green one Peter Dunham chose for his Lady's Study in the Veranda "House of Windsor."(photo from: Hollywood at Home)

2. Metal Nerd Glasses spied at GuildMaster would look fab on a stack of books.

3. Even if you're not book smart, you can look smart. Decorating with books warms up a home! These examples are from Go Home.

4. Make tablescapes with geometric solids from Bobo Intriguing Objects

5.I added to my vintage educational collection when I shopped at White Elephant Antiques in Dallas

6. In the spirit of a learning chart, this Butch Anthony piece imparts creative lessons in anatomy, zoology, home ec and more.

7. Stay protected. Graphic canvas laptop cases from Thomas Paul.

8.My doodles look best when done in a black Sharpie fine point pen -- well, I guess everyone's do.
9. The global appeal of chalkboard paint as found on Etsy.

10. Hand-painted alphabet tiles with b&w vintage images mostly chosen from a 1975 encyclopedia set on flip side. Made by moi.

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