Thursday, September 22, 2011


Wigs on your head, sure! When I was in my early 20s, during my particularly low self-esteem period, I owned three.  One wig was black, straight and Cleo-patriotic. Another was dark, long and wild with exotic corkscrew curls. The third was blond and kind of Doris Day-like. 
I saw these wigs from Ateliers C&S Davoy at the Atlanta Gift Show in July
Wigs on your mantle, foyer table, or bedside...not so sure. Historic wigs do have merit as artful constructions. They have a firm place in fashion. But as a long-haired woman with two long-haired daughters, I am not that interested in bringing more hair, even if it is rolled and neatly tied, into our home.
image of a wig shop courtesy of The Costumer's Manifesto
But centuries ago, wigs were a status symbol. Made of animal and human hair, they were reserved for upper class members who could afford to wear them. Generous sprinklings of powder kept them white and en vogue.

 photo courtesy of Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings
When I was working steadily as a photostylist for Country Living Magazine, I never once tried to procure a decorative hairpiece as a prop. I relied more on stacks of books, casual throws, and flowers to warm up a room. Of course in an offbeat dressing room with lots of shelves or cubbies, a collection of wigs might be perfect.  


They're oddly fascinating, and I do XOXO how fashion and home rub off on one another.  As for me, I am not running out this moment to find some wigs for my home or anyone else's home. This decision, like a hairstyle, however, just might change.

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Ginny said...

Nice Jane---funny what wigs bring up for different people. Cleo-patriotic---love that, you make up the best words!