Friday, April 20, 2012


 On the way to Orlando, en route to the Coverings trade show,  I had time to meander. Rather than drive a straight shot on the boring turnpike, I veered west at Yeehaw Junction and turned a 3-hour ho-hum ride into an unplanned and unhurried 6 hour exploration.
A big boot, just my size.

Tuesdays are notoriously slow at Talk of the Town.
Through Lake Wales, Haines City, and Davenport I admired architecture,  did a bit of thrift shopping, and met a few locals.  What also made the ride memorable were the tunes.

Getting the goods ready for auction.
Before I left I grabbed an old CD case that I hadn't opened in a while. It had some goodies including "I Like Cheese -- Volumes 1 and 2" --  nostalgic compilations of songs that I bought as 45s back in the 70s, and carried around in a flowery vinyl case. My friend Steph made the CDs and they made my road trip perfecto. Barry Manilow, Styx, Karen Carpenter, Gilbert O'Sullivan....the list goes on. I think the song I XOXO-ed the most that day was "Billy Don't be a Hero." 

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