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 I met Simon Doonan two weeks ago. He and hubby Jonathan Adler were poking around a Miami antiques shop. It was a big thrill for me. He was warm and personal. For a very long period of my pre-writer life, I wanted to be a window dresser, and Simon, of Barney's fame, is the bomb of visual.

I recently asked Simon to contribute to a blog about "Mad Men" decor. He spoke about Joan's apartment. Here is the e-interview in full; certain parts were omitted in the previously posted Benjamin Moore blog.

JD: Have you been watching MadMen since the beginning?
SD: Totally. We are addicted and there is no methadone for Mad men. 
JD: Obsessed or mildly attached?
SD: It is like crack. One hit and you're lost.
JD: Why did you pick this set? Please discuss the decorating and what appeals or does not?
SD: The decor seems poignant and earnest. There is nothing frivolous about it. Joan is ultimately 
not a playful character. This struck me as clever set-decorating.
JD: Would you change anything? Add? Edit? Paint the dining chairs?
SD: Joan is not about being groovy and fabulous. She is all about efficiency. I would be scared to change anything in case she came home and caught me fiddling in her drawers.
JD: Do you like Joan’s character? Why or why not?
SD: I like her busty maternal governess thing. She is like the sexy strict dominatrix. 
Guys who like to get spanked are probably obsessed with her. Every office needs somebody who
can crack the whip.
JD: Do you think her husband doctor had a say in the decorating?
SD: I think Joan did it all. She tried to present a facade of earnest respectability. She is much too smart to nag her hubby about it. Am sure he just came home and it was done.

JD: If you were invited over for cocktails and some shrimp cocktail, where would you sit?
SD:I would probably perch on the end of the couch like a terrified gerbil.
 JD: Should she replace anything with a Jonathan Adler furnishing/accessory?
SD: I think some JA alpaca letter pillows ( J _ O _ A_ N)  and a red and white zebra rug would add a little je ne sais quoi. Am worried that Joan would get mad that I was poking my nose.

I hope Simon's words leave you with sore cheeks as it did me. To read more of what Simon thinks  check out his monthly SLATE column or buy one of his books.

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