Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The arrival of an actual magazine in my mailbox trumps a new on-line issue. Paging through paper feels more intimate and user-friendly than clicking. Paging through in bed in the middle of the afternoon is the ultimate luxury. Yesterday, it was under these luxurious conditions, compounded by soothing storm clouds, and a quiet kid-less household, that I got cozy with the October issue of House Beautiful.

According to me, here are the issue's 10 most memorable moments (where I responded internally with a "XOXO",  "WANT", or "WTF"):

1. Page 30
WANT the Ethan Allen Quincy Bed in a color( caption reads "now in more than 15 bold colors and finishes" but the EA website does not reflect this exciting color spectrum)

2. Page 3
WTF/XOXO that Mario Buatta carries around a toy cockroach named Harold  in his pocket. Buatta says, "I get a kick out of dropping him onto the table at a restaurant."

3. Page 56
WTF -- that little pot of Sisley Global Anti Age is really $475!?! (I simply can't afford to not age!)

 Image from
 4. Page p.66 -
WANT Genevieve Gorder's green and white funky kilim-ish flat-woven wool rug for Capel.

5. Page 68
XOXO using the House Beautiful iPhone app and did it a lot in this issue including taking the video tour of Kathryn Ireland's house. Kathryn's very good on camera and I am impressed that she makes breakfast for her boys. I also love her comment, "I love not sharing a bedroom -- it's the secret of all successful marriages."

Hooker Furniture ad, left (as seen in House Beautiful); Page from Resto catalogue, right.

6. The ad after p.80
WTF - more fascination with colorless castle style a la Resto.

7. Page 97, #3
XOXO that rug-turned-curtain!!!

8. Page109
XOXO that simple vibrant delicious green in a rather stark space!!!!

9. Page110
WANT to travel with One King's Lane's Susan Feldman. Loved seeing all the different designers shopping all over the world.

 Image from
10. Page 118 -
XOXO the vintage Bahamas-themed art and the way Amanda Linthrop displays it.

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